Casio watch from Japan and casio G-SHOCK history.

Casio watch from Japan and casio G-SHOCK history.

Strength, to further height.
G-SHOCK who built a new concept of toughness on the watch.
Everything is a hot belief of the developer to make a timepiece that will not break even if dropped,
It began with a reckless challenge that reverses common sense at the time.

In 1981, formed a project team · Tough.
Over 200 prototypes were repeated, and about two years have been spent.
Impact structure completed.
It is the birth of technology that is the core of tough.


Since then, G-SHOCK has continued evolution without end.
Structure, material, function. Pursue further toughness from every aspect.
And now, that unlikely challenge, constant effort,
A strengthening structure that can withstand three gravitational accelerations, fruition at TRIPLE G RESIST.

Furthermore, pursuing almighty to respond to use under all circumstances,
SMART ACCESS realizes loading with light and reliable operability.

Be strong anywhere. Aim at the strength of the future.
G-SHOCK, its challenge is not over.

Casio Watch G-SHOCK history


2018年GMW-B5000  2018ORIGIN


Full metal of the first model
Full metalization is realized based on DW – 5000 which is the origin of G-SHOCK.
By adopting a new shock-resistant structure bezel, hard stainless steel material to the band, equipped with the latest features including smartphone links.

2018年GPR-B1000  2018


World’s First Solar Assisted GPS Navigation
※As of January 30, 2018, Casio examination
The world’s first solar assisted GPS navigation function is installed in a reinforced body of shock resistance, dustproof · mud, low body temperature, waterproof specification. This casio watch strongly support the survival scene by the guide function to the destination combining the GPS and the azimuth meter and the memory function of the passing route and passing point information.

2017年GST-B100  2017


Toughness chronograph with Bluetooth
Express challenge to new toughness design, including chronograph by analog display whole body.
Furthermore, it carries Bluetooth communication function and pursues absolute accuracy.

2017年GPW-2000  2017


Three time acquisition systems are installed
Pursuit of time precision indispensable for aviation mission, realization of time correction system that combines GPS hybrid radio wave solar and Bluetooth communication function.

2016年GWN-Q1000  2016


Four sensors useful for ocean mission
For men who carry out harsh missions on the ocean, this model GWN-Q1000 combine toughness and information recognition performance at a high level. First installed with quad sensor that measures water depth, bearing, air pressure / temperature, and altitude with high accuracy.

2016年GWF-D1000  2016


FROGMAN for the first time, equipped with a depth meter
In FROGMAN which can be used in diving, the first water depth meter equipped model. In product development that feeds feedback of Pro Diver’s voice that carries out a harsh mission, it is equipped with measuring functions such as azimuth and water temperature, which is important information when diving, including water depth measurement of ISO standard 200 m, water depth corresponding to 80 m maximum. Divers watch for experts demonstrating true performance.




The origin of G-SHOCK that impressed the strong presence of the first generation.
Covering the whole surface with urethane, the module which is the heart part adopts the hollow structure which supports by the point and floats inside the case.



“Low Temperature Resistant

1984年WW-5300C  1984


Low temperature specification minus 30 degrees realized
A low temperature resistant model that withstands temperatures of minus 30 degrees and continues to drive even in extremely cold areas



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