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Terms & Conditions

General Provisions

  • 1.These provisions set the conditions of the terms of use of Worldmart (the "Terms and Conditions") for its customers upon using its purchasing service and the auction service (collectively the "Service") provided by Smile Corporation (the "Company").
  • 2.The use of the Service by the customers shall be deemed as agreeing to the terms of the Terms and Conditions.
  • 3.The Service shall be able to amend Terms of Use and other regulations including the revision of fees and charges, at any time without obtaining the consent of the customers.
  • 4.When the Terms and Conditions have been amended, the amendments shall be effective on all the provisions of the Service.

Definitions of Terms

  • 1.'Worldmart' means the purchasing service operated by the Company.
  • 2.'Member' means the person who uses the Service, by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and has been approved as a member by the Company.

Application of Membership

  • 1.A person who wishes to apply for a membership (the "Applicant for Membership") shall do so upon agreement of Terms and Conditions.
  • 2.A membership must be applied by the Applicant for Membership him/herself.
  • 3.An underage applicant must obtain a parental or guardian's consent upon applying for the Membership.
  • 4.Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if a customer is found to be using the Service without a parental or guardian's consent, the Company shall be able to stop the use of the Service and suspend or cancel the membership without prior consent of the customer.

Membership number・Password

  • 1.The member shall manage and store his/her membership ID and password provided by the Company at his/her responsibility.
  • 2.The member shall be responsible for regularly changing his/her password, and the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages due to the neglect of the said responsibility.
  • 3.If Membership ID or password has been accessed or compromised by any third party, the member shall immediately notify the Company and follow the given instructions, if any.Note that the member shall be liable for any loss or damages to the Company due to the compromise of Membership ID and password.
  • 4.The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages due to the compromise or lack of management of Membership ID and password.Note that any transactions made using Membership ID and password shall be considered to be done by the Member and the Member shall be liable for all transactions.
  • 5.Membership ID and password shall not be re-issued except when specifically permitted by the Company.
  • 6.Membership ID and password provided by the Company shall not be loaned, transferred, sold or pawned.


  • 1.Individuals or corporations shall be able to register for the Service upon agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • 2.Membership registration shall be completed with the Company's approval against the application in the preceding paragraph.However, if the Company finds it necessary, the Membership registration may not be approved.

Registration Information

  • 1.The Member shall register his/her email address, phone number, mailing address, name and other necessary information (the 'Registration Information". Of these, email address and phone number are referred as "Registered Contact") by the Company.
  • 2.If there is a change with the Registration Information in the preceding paragraph, the Member himself/herself shall promptly update the details with correct information.
  • 3.The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages through neglect to update the inforamtion as laid out in the preceding paragraph.

Cancellation of Membership・Suspension of Membership・Termination of Membership

  • 1.The Member may cancel his/her membership through the Company's procedures.
  • 2.In case the Member deceases, the Membership shall be ceased at that point and the Membership ID and password shall become invalid.
  • 3.The Membership shall be suspended if the Member is found to use false information during the registration process or the use of the Service.
  • 4.When the Member breaches the Terms and Conditions and other individual provisions.

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Personal Information

  • 1.We observe the act on protection of personal information and handle personal information appropriately and take action for security management according to 'Privacy Policy'.

Contents of Service

  • 1.In our Service, the Customer orders Japanese Products (the "Products") through Worldmart website (the "Company Website") then the Company buys the ordered Products on their behalf and ships them to the Customers.

Means of contact to and from the Customers

  • 1.The means of contact to the Customers form the Company shall be by sending a notice to the Registered Contact, posting in appropriate spaces on the Company's Website, sending email, using push notifications or other means where it is considered appropriate by the Company.
  • 2.If the Company uses email as a means of contact, the email sent to the Registered Contact shall be deemed to have reached the Member in the expected timing, except if there was negligence on the Company's part.
  • 3.Any inquiries, contacts and notifications from the Members to the Company shall be done through the Contact Form on the Website or other means designated by the Company.
  • 4.The Company may send advertisements, promotions and other information relating to the Service to the Registered Contact such as the email address provided by the Customer.
  • 5.For notifications other than those set out in this Article, the Company shall not hold any responsibilities or obligations regarding any notification to the Customers.

Transport-prohibited Products

  • 1.Flammable, explosive or dangerous items
  • 2.Credit cards, ATM cards, debit or charge cards
  • 3.Cash and securities
  • 4.Animals and plants
  • 5.Pornographic and obscene items
  • 6.Items violating Japanese laws and regulations
  • 7.Items violating the laws and regulations of the importing country, state or regions or restricted in such areas
  • 8.Other items which are deemed to be inappropriate by the Company


  • 1.The Company does not bear any obligations to inspect the Products purchased by the Members at our end.The Company may inspect the contents of the Products or re-package the Products if/when considered necessary.
  • 2.Inspections by the Company shall not guarantee the quality or authenticity of the Products, the presence of defects on the Products, or compliance of the laws and regulations of the dispatching, transit and destination points.。
  • 3.The Company does not bear any liabilities against loss or damages caused by system failure, intercepts, delay or loss of data.
  • 4.Except in the case of the Company's fault, the Company does not bear any liabilities against any loss or damage to the Customers using the Service.
  • 5.When the Company receives the export-prohibited products purchased or bidded by the Customers at the Company's warehouse, the obligation of the provision of the Service shall be ceased. The Company may dispose or sell at its discretion.The Company does not bear any liabilities against loss or damages caused by this action.
  • 6.The Company does not bear any liabilities against any cost or process such as custom declarations or import duties which may be incurred at the receiving end.
  • 7.The Company does not guarantee to be able to purchase or bid on the Products requested by the Customers.
  • 8.The Company may posses, store or dispose of delivery statements, invoice or receipts issued by the sellers.The Company does not accept the request for issuing receipts.
  • 9.The Company does not bear any liabilities against undelivered Products to our warehouse caused by fraudulent sellers or other reasons, or the Products to be found to be forgeries at Customers' end, and the Members agree not to claim compensation for the damages to the Company.

Prohibited Items

The Members are prohibited from the following acts upon using the Service.

  • 1.Violation of copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual properties of the Company or other businesses.
  • 2.Illicit use of the Service by pretending to be someone else.
  • 3.Act of interfering with the operations of the Service.
  • 4.Actions against the Terms and Conditions of the Company.
  • 5.Actions against the public orders and morals.
  • 6.Actions that will result in a criminal offence.
  • 7.Any other actions considered inappropriate by the Company.

Cancellation of the Products, returns and refunds

  • 1.The Company shall not accept returns or refunds of the Products.
  • 2.The Members shall not be able to cancel the Products ordered through the Company's website.

Purchase of the Products

  • 1.A purchase agreement is deemed to have been formed between the Company and the Member at the time of purchase of the Products or the completion of the bidding process.
  • 2.In any of the following cases, the Member acknowledges and agrees that purchases or winning bids may become invalid.If the Member incurs loss or damages as a result of such cases, the Company shall not be liable.Should the said loss or the damages extend to the Company, the Member shall compensate the Company for the damages sustained.
    • 1.) Cancellation made by the seller
    • 2.) The Products purchased by the Member is export-prohibited goods
    • 3.) The seller sets specific rules of transactions.
  • 3.The Member shall not be able to cancel the purchase or bidding after completing those transactions.
  • 4.Any coins given by the sellers against purchases or bidding belong to the Company.
  • 5.The Member shall be liable for the payments of the purchased Products, bidding charges and all shipping fees (the "Payments").Other fees and charges such as remittance fees to the seller shall be included in the Payments.
  • 6.If the Member fails to make the Payments, the Company may cancel the Agreement without prior warning.Even if the Company cancels the Agreement, the Company shall be able to claim compensation to the member for damages sustained.
  • 7.Even if the Company cancels the Agreement after the Member purchased the Products, the Company shall not return or refund any Products or Payments to the Member.
  • 8.If the Member refuses to receive the Products, the Company may sell, dispose of or return the Products purchased by the Company on behalf of the Member at the Company's discretion and the Member may not oppose the above action.


  • 1.The Payment methods are listed as follows.
    • Credit cards (JCB,VISA,Master Card,Amex)
    • PayPal
    • 支付宝(ALIPAY) ※May not be used to bid at auctions
    • 銀聯(UNION PAY) ※Only credit cards are accepted
  • 2.The Member shall promptly make the Payments after the purchase or bidding of the Products.The rate of fees and charges may be changed without prior notice.The Payments include the followings.
    • Invoice(1) The Products→Received at the Company's warehouse
      ・Payment for the Products + Commission of Worldmart
    • Invoice(2) Shipped from the Company's warehouse to the Member
      ・Domestic shipping
      ・International shipping fee
      ・Others (as necessary)
  • 3.The payment due of "Invoice②" shall be within seven (7) days from the date the Company sends the payment notice of "Invoice②" email.A late payment fee of 100 yen per item per day shall be automatically charged on the invoiced amount from the eighth (8th) day the payment notice is sent.Additional late payment fees may be charged for large sized items.If the Payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the payment notice email, the Company shall make the settlement at our end.If the said settlement fails, the Company may sell or dispose of the Products.
  • 4.The Payment for the seller shall be made by credit cards or cash remittance.
  • 5.Other than the Product payments, import tax and customs duties may be incurred at the receiving end depending on the Products.

Storage of the Products

  • 1.The Company shall store the Products free of charge for forty five (45) days from the date the Products are received at the Company's warehouse.
  • 2.After the 45-day free storage period has passed, an additional storage fee of 100 yen per item per day may incur from the forty sixth (46th) day.Note that the maximum storage period shall be ninety (90) days.After the 90-day maximum storage period has passed, the Company may sell or dispose of the Products.


  • 1.The Company receives all Products at our warehouse and ships them to the Member.
  • 2.After receiving the Products, the Company shall open and inspect the Products for the content confirmation purposes.
  • 3.The packaging fee is free of charge.Note that some Products may not be able to be packaged together, depending on the quantity and the size.
  • 4.The Company shall not ship to an address in Japan.

Removal and Expiration of Coins

  • 1.In any of the following cases, the Company may remove the entire or a partial balance of the Member's coins.
    • (1) The Member commits an act of fraud or misconduct.
    • (2) The Member breaches the Terms and Conditions.
    • (3) Other instances where the Company deems it necessary to remove the coins.
  • 2.If no transactions are made for two (2) years from the last transaction, all coins are automatically removed.
  • 3.The Company shall not be liable for any removals or expirations of the Member's coins.