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Welcome to Worldmart.

Japanese products to your door. Our staff carefully inspect every item. Our fee is a flat rate of 250 yen. All items are insured against damage during the shipping at our cost. Free 45-day storage period(Maximum 90 days' storage)


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Why Worldmart?

  • Our fee is a flat rate of 250 yen.
    Our fee is a flat rate of 250 yen.
  • We speak your language
    We speak your language
  • All items are insured against damage during the shipping at our cost.
    All items are insured against damage during the shipping at our cost.
  • Multiple items can be packaged together
    Multiple items can be packaged together
  • Free 45-day storage period
    Free 45-day storage period
  • More than 90% of our customers come back again.
    More than 90% of our customers come back again.

The advantages of using World Mart

Shop with ease for overseas brand-name products such as Louis Vuitton through World Mart’s Japan site.

World Mart’s long-established operating company has brick-and-mortar stores across Japan and handles over 10,000 brand items annually. From Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes, we have a long track record in providing a wide range of products. These include Rolex and Omega watches, Casio and Nikon cameras, and hobby items such as musical instruments and anime figures. Our services are available to both domestic and overseas customers.

We offer an easy-to-order direct-mail service with the aim of providing items that are difficult to find outside Japan. People from all over the world enjoy using our service.

As well as a broad knowledge of the market and a proven track record in responding to customer needs, World Mart offers a wide range of options, some of which we introduce here.

Optional services provided by World Mart

  1. Authentication

    Our site offers authentication of purchased items so that both domestic and overseas customers can shop with peace of mind.
    We have staff members specialized in brand authentication to avoid the risk of customers purchasing fake goods.
    If you choose this option, we will verify that the items you purchase are genuine. Moreover, in the highly unlikely event that an item turns out to be a fake, we will provide a return service and a refund.
    We highly recommend this option for expensive products. Please choose the authentication service from the available options. The authentication option is not available for products sold through auction.

  2. Reinforced packaging for international orders

    With standard parcel delivery, products purchased by mail order are delivered to customers in their original packaging.
    However, customers may be concerned when ordering expensive items to be shipped internationally.
    This site offers a reinforced packaging option to allay such concerns. With this option, purchased products are repackaged with reinforced packaging that can withstand the stresses of international shipping.
    Please use this option when purchasing expensive brand items.

  3. Confirmation photo of item won at auction

    This option allows the winner of an item sold at auction to receive a confirmation photo of the item before it is shipped.
    Please choose this option if you want to confirm that you actually bid on a particular item.
    Use this together with the authentication option and the reinforced packaging option for greater peace of mind.

  4. Search for products not available at World Mart

    Please email us if you are looking for Japanese products not yet listed on World Mart.
    Using our domestic network, we are able to research products throughout Japan and make them available for sale.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the product you want.

World Mart’s mission

With our in-depth knowledge and long track record of selling brand goods, we offer a wide range of services that enable customers from all over the world to enjoy purchasing Japanese products.
We are confident that you will find what you are looking for, whether that’s a brand-name product that you’ve always wanted or a unique item that is only available in Japan.
We hope you enjoy shopping at World Mart.

Customer reviews

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Everything is perfect! Very communicative and transparent in all transactions. thank you so much!
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So Fast in terms of Delivery to Warehouse 4 Thumbs Up ☺️
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Worldmart-Japan the very best in customer service Thankyou you all